How I Finally Learnt to Use a Sewing Machine


This Sunday, I decided to teach myself to use a sewing machine.

After spending ages flipping through sewing books for inspiration, I decided on a project: an owl. 

I cut out the pieces, and started to hand sew the face, making up my own design. 

Once I was done with the detail work, I went to Mum. "Can I borrow your sewing machine, please?" I begged.

"Of course," Mum agreed.

It didn't take me long to run into a problem. How do you wind a bobbin? I spent ages trying to remember what Mum had told me, before admitting defeat and going back to Mum.

"Could I borrow the manual please?" I asked.

Manual in hand, I went back to the sewing machine, determined to get the owl sewn.

Once the bobbin was wound, it didn't take me long to finish my owl. Before I knew it, I was stuffing and sewing up the hole. 

"Look!" I showed Mum my owl.

"Well done," Mum said. I beamed.

Can you use a sewing machine? Do you like owls?

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  1. The owl looks really awesome! Great job Sophie! My mum taught me how to use a sewing machine a few years ago but I still need help. Bethany normally helps me see things.

    1. Thank you!
      I had a few lessons from Mum a while ago, but I've still got a lot to learn.

    2. Oops! I forgot to edit that comment before I posted it. I meant sew not see. I can see perfectly! And yes I love owls :D

  2. Well done,
    my manual is in a foreign language so its taking me longer to lean. :- (

    1. You might find a manual in English online to download or at least some tutorials.