Bush Walks, Waterfalls and Camera Lenses


Mum passed me a birthday present. "Happy birthday," she said, giving me a huge hug.

I looked down at the big gold box on my lap. What could possibly be inside it? I undid the ribbon and pulled the lid off. Inside was a smaller, wrapped parcel.

Confused, I unwrapped this, only to find a layer of bubble wrap. But under that was my present. "A 50mm lens!" I cried. "Thank you! Thank you!" I didn't know what to say. I'd been dreaming of this lens for ages, but I hadn't ever thought I'd get it.

"You can try it out on our bush walk," Mum suggested. 

I nodded, too surprised and delighted to say a word.

A while later, we set off for our picnic and bush walk. I was itching with excitement as we all climbed out of the car and sat down at a picnic table. I couldn't wait to play with my camera.

Soon we were all munching on chicken and potato salad rolls. In between eating, I was taking a lot of photos. 

"That was delicious," I sighed as we packed up the last remains of our lunch and set off down the track into the bush.

It wasn't a hard bush walk. Every so often there was a lookout from which you could see a waterfall.

Last time we'd gone on this walk, the waterfall had hardly been flowing, but this time it was magnificent.

There was a lot of opportunities to take photos and use my new lens. I was having a great time. 

"Chalotte, can I get a photo of you?" I snapped yet another photo. We were almost back at the picnic tables.

"Let's have some afternoon tea before we set off home."

That evening, Mum and I were talking. "That was the best birthday ever!" 

"I thought you said that last year," Mum reminded me.

"Each one is better than the last," I grinned. "Thank you so much for the new lens. It's really amazing!'

Mum looked almost as happy as me, if that'spossible. "I'm glad you like it."

Have you ever seen a waterfall? Do you own a 50mm lens? What is your favourite lens?

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  1. Your photos are looking so wonderful!
    I bought a 50mm recently, it's wonderful and I love the "bokeh" it gives to the backgrounds of photos.
    I saw a waterfall recently at the Grampians but it was more like a trickle. Not enough rain. There are some beautiful falls in the Otways though, and we go there sometimes.
    It sounds like you have a great birthday! Does that mean you're 15 now? My oldest just turned 15 on Monday :)

    1. Thanks you!
      The bokeh was the first thing I noticed about the lens. It's a lovely effect.
      I'm 14. You're oldest must share a birthday with me!