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"Mum!" I call. "I have finished filming the video." I'm rather tired. This is my fifth try. It just won't go right.
Mum walks into the family room where I have been filming. She takes a look at my latest try. 
"It's OK," she says, "but I think you could do better."
I sigh. I'm tired. I don't want to try again. I want to go bike riding with Gemma-Rose.
"Why don't you wait till tomorrow and then I will help you?" Mum suggests. I agree, relieved I can leave it for the moment.
The next day I sit down at the table with a whiteboard. Mum sits down beside me. We're going to do a bit of planning so I know just what I'm going to say.
"First you need an introduction," Mum says. I write down 'Intro' on the whiteboard.
Mum and I go through everything I want to say. My enthusiasm for the video is coming back. I can't wait to get filming again. I'm sure I can do a better job this time.
Mum sets up the camera. I put the whiteboard beside it, where I can glance at it, if I get stuck. Finally I sit down on the sofa.
Mum turns the camera on and then rushes out the room. I find it hard to concentrate with people listening to me.
I start talking. Occasionally I have to look over at the whiteboard. I think I am going rather well. As I come to the end of what I want to say, I mentally pat myself on the back. I am sure I have got it right this time.
Mum comes back into the family room and we looks at what we have filmed. "We will have to do it again. It is too noticeable when you look at the whiteboard." she says. "It looks like you're distracted."
My face falls. I agree. I will have to do it again. 
"Don't worry," Mum says. "We will put the whiteboard behind the camera, that way you can look at it without anyone noticing."
I sit back down. I decide I have to get it right this time. I am rather tired of saying the same thing over and over again. 
As Mum rushes out of the room once more, I start talking. This time I don't look at the whiteboard quite so much.
When I finish, I call Mum back into the room and we watch the video together. 
"Good work!" Mum smiles. I smile back. I am relieved I have finally got it right.
Would you like to see my video? It's called I'm Sophie! I'm an Unschooler!...Blogging...

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  1. As usual, a wonderful video! You are so good at them.
    I like that top you are wearing, too ;)