Becoming a Vlogger


The other day I decided I wanted to become a vlogger like Mum! Mum agreed and said I could even have my own YouTube channel. I was so excited!
Yesterday I set about making my first video. It was going to be an introduction video. 
At first I planned to film it on my computer webcam, but it wasn't very good quality. Luckily for me, Mum offered to let me use her DSLR camera. It has wonderful quality.
It took a few tries to get what I wanted to say right. I kept getting my tongue in a twist and had to start again. I sighed with relief when I finally got a good enough version.
I took my video over to Windows Movie Maker to edit it. It didn't take much work. I just had cut a bit off and put a title page onto it.
After that, it was the simple matter of uploading it to my YouTube channel. I was very pleased with myself.
Would you like to watch my video? It’s called…
I’m Sophie! I’m an Unschooler! … Introduction…

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  1. You are so good at videos, Sophie! You've inspired me - I want to start my own video series too now. Mum doesn't like the idea of me on YouTube though... I'll have to convince her.
    And Happy Birthday! So awesome that you're 13 now!

  2. Awesome! This is Julia from NaNo, by the way.