How to Make a Blog Header in Picmonkey


Mum and I were walking down the bush tracks with Nora our dog. While we walked, we chatted about video making. We are both interested in making videos at the moment. Did you see my latest video, I'm Sophie! I'm Unschooler!...Introduction?
I was really pleased with my last video and wanted to make another one. But what could I make my next video about?
"You should make some videos about blogging," Mum suggested. "Maybe you could show people how to make your latest blog header."

"That's a great idea!" I cried. Mum always has brilliant ideas. 

"I could teach you how to do a screencast tutorial if you like," Mum offered. Recently she has been making a series of screen cast tutorials telling people about Evernote.

I was bubbling with ideas. I couldn't wait to get started. 

The next day I sat down at my computer. I hit the record button and got started. It took me only a few seconds to get my tongue in a twist. I sighed. It is harder talking to a computer than you would think. 

A few tries later, I finally got my introduction right. After that everything seemed to go fine. I was very pleased when I had finished recording, and could edit it, putting all the video clips together. 

When my video was ready, I went to show it to Mum. She thought it looked great.

Grinning, I uploaded my video to YouTube.  Would you like to see my latest video? It’s called How to Make a Blog Header in Picmonkey

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  1. Great!
    How do you make the screen video? I've wanted to make one for ages, but don't know how.