My Super Computer


It is the afternoon of my birthday. Dad is just installing the last bits of software onto my new birthday computer. Soon it will be mine to play, write and blog on. I can't wait.

I jiggle from foot to foot.What will it feel like to use a superfast top quality computer? I have no idea.

"Almost there," Dad says as he installs Google Chrome. Soon I will be sitting at my computer; soon I will own the best computer in the house!

Finally Dad is finished. He hands the computer over to me.

"Thank you so much Dad," I say, putting the computer down so I can give Dad a hug. 

There is a bit of time to play around on my computer, before my movie dinner. I open it up and turn it on. At once I am struck by how fast it is. It is like a rocket.

"Wow!" I gasp as I explore my computer from top to bottom. It is all so exciting.


I put my computer down and go and sit down for dinner. All through the movie my mind wanders to my computer and how wonderful it is. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

It is a few days later. I am sitting at my computer watching an interesting online video on Joseph Priestly's glasses. (He was a chemist.) For once the movie isn't always stopping to buffer and plays right through. I once again think what a wonderful computer it is.

Thank you Mum and Dad!

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