Old Fashioned Photos of Me


I have not been on Befunky for a while. I decide it is time to have a play around. I pick a photo of myself out of the ones on my computer and get to work.

This is the original photo. It was taken only a few days ago.

I take the photo and apply the option called Old Photo1. I think this looks good but  wonder what the other old photo effects would look like. I do some experimenting.

I tried Old Photo 5 on my photo, and this is how it turned out. It is very different from Old Photo 1. I am looking forward to trying the next effects.

Old Photo 12 looks really nice on this photo. I might use it as my profile picture. 

Old Photo 13, like Old Photo 5 makes the photo a bit blurred. I don't think I would ever use this as my profile picture, no way!

Old Photo 17 looks like a B&W picture. It looks crisp.

Old Photo 18 is a bit green. It makes me look sea sick! OH NO!!

Now I look a bit blue-green! I must be cold. I hope I don't get frost bite! Old Photo 19 is not for me. I think that I will stick with Old Photo 12. I think that one is my favourite. Which photograph do you like best?

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