Mum's Birthday


It was Mum's birthday and there were pancakes on the table. I love pancakes. They are my favourite breakfast. I hurried in to Mum's room to say hallo before breakfast. Mum was just about to open a present from Dad. It was a Tablet. When I saw it I thought of my present for Mum and smiled. I just love giving people presents.

When I had done all my jobs I started to make the dinner in the crock pot. While I did it Mum and Imogen played on the Tablet. After making dinner and morning tea Mum opened the presents that her sisters had sent. She was not going to open our presents till dinner time. Mum was very surprised when they turned out to be just what she needed. In one present there were pajamas and bed socks and in the other there was a running top and pants.

Mum went out to meet Nanna at the cafe at two and we all stayed home and watched a new movie that Duncan had bought. It was the new Tintin. We all enjoyed it almost as much as the clinkers that Duncan had bought to go with it.

When Mum got home she showed us the present that Nanna had given her. It was a lovely photo album full of photos of Mum as a girl. Mum had never had many photos of herself as a girl so it was a wonderful present. I think Mum was a very pretty girl. In one photo she looks just like Gemma-Rose.

Dad was home from work just before dinner.  At dinner we all told him all that had happened in the day. We did not tell him or Mum much about Tintin because we were going to watch it again after presents and cake. We had presents at the dinner table. It was fun to see Mum open the presents and see what they were. I gave her a bar of goat's milk soap.

After a yummy slice of Imogen's banana and chocolate cake we sat down in the family room to watch Tintin.
I got just as exited as I had the first time when Tintin found Captain Haddock in the cabin  and when Captain Haddock fell into a dress. I think that Captain Haddock is one of the best people in the movie.

Now Gemma-Rose and I are watching the old TV series. I think that they are really funny.

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