My Eleventh Birthday


It was my eleventh birthday. Imogen had pancakes on the table and I was hungry. I could not wait for presents. I finished my breakfast and got dressed.

I was not allowed to do any jobs. Gemma-Rose kept on telling me to go and sit down even when I was just talking. I did not mind though.

When present time came, I was really excited. Gemma-Rose gave me a lovely plastic fairy doll, Thomas gave me a watch, Charlotte gave me some earrings and a hand crocheted cat, Imogen had got me a some more earrings, Callum had a sticker for my netbook for me, Duncan gave me a Where's Wally book and a movie and chocolates, Mum gave me an animation book and  Dad gave me two pairs of pyjamas. I have a couple of presents that I do not know who gave me. Among them there were paints and bed socks.

After presents we all went out so I could have my ears pieced. It is the Elvis tradition to have your ears pieced on your eleventh birthday.

When my ears were pieced we all went down to the lake, were we met Callum's girlfriend and went for a run around the lake before lunch. For lunch we had potato salad, ham, chicken, and cheese rolls, with chocolate bicuits to follow.

At home we played a game of checkers. Then we watched a movie, Tintin.

For dinner we had lasagna. That is my favourite dinner. I have it for my birthday dinner every year.

After dinner we watched 'The Legend of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole', which was the movie Duncan gave me. Then we had the lovely cake Charlotte made.

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  1. The earrings look pretty, Sophie. I'm glad you had a good day. It looks as though it was a lot of fun:-) xx

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie!!1 I hope you had a great day!
    Love Sararose