My Sketchbook


I was looking for something to write about on my blog and then Mum suggested I post up some of the pictures I have drawn and here they are:

                                                                     Manga Boy:

He is a boy that came from a book I once read. It was called The Penderwicks. In the book he lived with his mother and cook. He had no real friends until the Penderwick girls came and livened things up for him.

                                                                   Dick the sports boy:

Dick loves sport and has a weekly game of it with some friends. He is not from a book like my other boy instead he comes right out of my head and I am very proud of him.

                                                                  Queen Marie:
Queen Marie may be old but you do not see her in an old ladies' home instead you see her going off to balls and saving the day. She went to war once when King Ernie was too sick to go. She is not afraid of doing things like that.

King Ernie:

He is a bit forgetful but he is really nice. He once eat his fish uncooked and when his men told him he turned so red that if he had been in red he would look like a tomato.

Queen Emily:
She is the sister to Queen Marie though she does not look it and she rules the only kingdom that King Ernie likes. She has ten children and loves every one very much. She is loved very much in her kingdom and even though she is not loved as much as King Ernie and Queen Marie.

He loves nothing better than to get Albert in trouble and stay out of it himself. He is very clever though he will not admit it. At the school for young owls he beat everyone in the class and his parents are very proud of him.

He is very naughty at school but only because he does not want to be like Sam. He lives in a hole in a tree and could fly at a very young age. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up and I think he will be for when he sets his heart on something it happens.                                       


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  1. You have a wonderful talent for drawing, Sophie! I especially love Dick, King Ernie and Sam, the owl. I'm glad you shared them, on your blog:) love Auntie Vicky xx