Gemma-Rose the best sister ever


Gemma-Rose is the best sister ever. If we get into fights she always will forgive me.

She will play board games even if she does not like them.

One day when I was out shopping with Mum, she did all the weekend jobs without me. She even did under the bed.

I am so glad that I have Gemma-Rose as my little sister instead of anyone else.

I am glad I share a room with Gemma-Rose. We can do anything together that way.

Even though she was getting bored of me reading out my story to her she listened to me until I had finished. I try to be patient with Gemma-Rose but I lose my temper way too often.

I think that the way to be a good sister is to be kind and to forgive. From now on I will try to be a better sister to Gemma-Rose.

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