Getting to Know You


I want to get to know you bloggers reading my blog. So I have made a list of questions for you to answer. I have answered all the questions myself so that you can get to know me too. Please answer the questions in a comment. I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Name: Sophie

Male/Female: Female

Age: 10

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite hobby: Sewing, Knitting, and Drawing

Favourite movie is: Gilbert and Sullivan-The Pirates of Penzance 

Favourite day of the year is: Christmas 

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  1. Name: Vellvin.

    Male/Female: Female

    Age: 12

    Favourite colour: Pink

    Favourite hobby: Writing, knitting, and craft.

    Favourite movie is: Pirates of the Carribbean, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicels of Narnia and Star Wars (I know that that was more than 1 but they are my top favs) :)

    Favourite day of the year is: Christmas

    Love Vellvin.

  2. Name: Imogen

    Age: 16

    Favourite colour: Yelloow, though I only like yellow in certain things

    Favourite hobby: I can't pick just one! I like to read, write and doodle.

    Favourite movie: Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, and Pride and Prejudice, the mini series. Yes I know that's more than 1

    Favourite day of the year: Every day!

  3. Name:Rose



    Favorite colour:pink and blue

    Favorite hobby:knitting, sewing and reading

    Favorite movie:too many!

    Favorite day of the year:most days

    Favorite book:too many again!

  4. Name: Carla


    Favourite colour:Purple

    Favourite Movie:Loads, probably the best would be Sabrina or West Side Story

    Favbourite Day:Christmas

    Hello. I think it is good that you are a kid and have a blog, like me. I like your little knitted creatures there. It is really cool that you are home schooled, do you like it? Very nice blog.
    hope you could visit mine.

  5. Male/Female: Female

    Age: seventeen

    Favorite Color: purple

    Favorite Hobby: singing

    Favorite Movie: Hmm, I can't pick just one, but Donald O'Connor is my favorite actor. I like old movies

    Favorite Day: Christmas - it's the simplest day of the year for our family