My Blog Banner


Yesterday I thought that my blog would look nice with a blog banner.

I got to work finding pictures to go on it. I soon had some nice photos.then I went to a place on the internet called Picnik. There I found a nice colour for the banner and found some pictures of butterflies and put them on it too. Soon my banner was done. I got Mum to help put it on my blog because she has one on her blog Sue Elvis Writes.

When it was on I thought it was a very good banner but the background blog colour was not right so I went and got a plain purple background. It looked great.

I had a great time making my banner and I hope you like looking at it.

From now on I am going write more blog posts and I will not bother about how many people look at my blog. Just like my Mum I am blogging for fun not followers.

I hope you enjoy reading.

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