My wish came true


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have my confirmation and on Sunday my wish came true. It was after Mass we had just got out of the church and Mum went to our priest and asked if I could have my confirmation with some other homeschoolers on the last Saturday of the holidays. I could not believe my ears on the way to the car. Mum asked me what I thought. I was so pleased that I could have jumped up and down if I was not in the car and the roof was so low that I could not even stand straight.

When we got home I tried to think of a confirmation saint. Mum said “How about St John Vianney. He came from about the same time as your other saint Sophie Madeleine”. So I asked about his life. Mum told me that he was a miracle maker. When I heard this I wanted to hear more about him so me and Mum went to the bookcase and tried to find out a bit about him. After a lot of looking we found one. When I had read it I loved the story so much that I just had to have him. So now he will be my Confirmation saint. I shall be Sophie Madeleine Jean-Marie-Baptiste.

Imogen is going to be my confirmation sponsor. She is no one else's sponsor.

My dress is a lovely white dress. It has embroidery and beads on the front. It is made out of silky material. It took me a long time to decide which dress I wanted to wear because I had four dresses to choose from and they were all pretty.

Imogen also wrote a post about my confirmation on her blog, Dancing With Dragonflies.

I'm going in three weeks time. I can't wait!

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  1. Hi Sophie.
    I really like you story Sophie.
    From Melanie