I Received the Holy Spirit


The day of my confirmation came at last. The time before it had past so slowly.

I got up at six thirty. Nothing was much different than a normal Saturday. When all the jobs were done I put on my confirmation dress. It was very pretty. It was made of white satin, with white beads in flower shapes on the front.

Then it was time to get in the van for the long trip. On the way to the confirmation  I listened to my mp3 player, I read one of my favourite books, and I counted trucks.

When we got there two of my friends showed me the church. They were also going to be confirmed. When we got into the church we had a run though of what we had to do.

Then the Confirmation started. I was nervous and excited at the same time but when the bishop winked at me I felt better. I was the first one to be confirmed.
After the confirmation I had my photo taken with the bishop outside the church.

In the hall there was a very nice lunch or afternoon tea, I couldn't tell which . Everyone who had been confirmed were photographed together. Another photo was taken of us all standing around the cake. In the photo around the cake I was at the back and could not be seen so Mum took a photo of me with the cake. Then the cake was cut. I got a piece of cake and went outside with my best friend.

When we got home we had a movie dinner and then the best cake I had ever seen. It had twelve fruits on top and it was an white chocolate cake. Dad, Gemma-Rose and I had made all the fruits out of icing. There was a huge pineapple in the middle and the rest of the fruits like the apple and pear and tomato were grouped round it.

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  1. Congratulations, Sophie! you look so beautiful in the photos. I'm glad you had a lovely day.