The Rainbow Fairies


Gemma-Rose and I love to read The Rainbow Magic Fairies some of the books have pictures of the fairies in side them in black and white and I photocopy them to colour in. Here is a story I made up about them.

Once upon a time in a palace made of gold lived the King and Queen of Fairyland.
They were very worried because nasty Jack Frost had just taken all of the Rainbow Magic Fairies magic.

“Rachel we are almost there” said Kirsty Tate to her best friend Rachel Walker. They were going to a party at Rachel’s school. “I can not wait to see your friends for I have not seen them for months”
“I know” said Rachel.

At the party there was a lot of loud music playing. Just as Kirsty and Rachel had started dancing seven magic fairies bumped into them
”Sorry,” the red one said.
“Are you the Rainbow fairies?” said Rachel
“Yes,” said the Red fairy
“So what can we do to help?”
“Can you help us get back our magic wands,” said Ruby for that was the name of the red fairy.
“We will, we will,” said Rachel.
“What can we do to help?” said Kirsty
“Well first of all we need to go to Jack Frost and ask for the wands back that’s what”.

When they got to the castle they saw that the King and Queen of Fairyland.
“Give back the wands now Jack Frost,” the Queen was saying.
“NO” yelled Jack Frost.
“Give them back now” shouted Amber the orange fairy.
“I said No” yelled Jack Frost and with that he lifted his wand and muttered some magic words. Then some of his goblin servants floated through the air with the magic wands.
“What now?” asked Kirsty.
“We have to get the goblins to the Fairy Godmother of Fairyland,” said the King
“We will,” said Rachel and Kirsty at the same time.

The next thing they knew was they were being whisked home by a big wind. When they landed they went to the window
“If you do not know how to work it, the magic colour of the wand will come out,” said Inky the Indigo fairy.
“Ah, that makes our job easier,” said Kirsty.
“Yes it does, but it also means that they are more noticeable,” said Heather the Violet fairy
“At least we have the magic wands that the Fairy Queen gave us,” said Rachel.

After a little while a rainbow appeared in the sky
“Now!” shouted Sky the Blue fairy and with that the girls turned themselves into fairies. They flew to the rainbow where there were seven goblins with the seven wands
“Don’t worry,” said Sky. “There are more of us”.

The goblins were all fast asleep and so it was not hard for the girls to wave their magic wands over the goblins and take them to the Fairy Godmother. When they woke up they said, “Ah, it’s the Fairy Godmother.”
“What have you been doing to the Rainbow Fairies?” said the Fairy Godmother
“We stole their wands,” said the Goblins.
“And will you do again?”
“No, we will not.”
“Good. Now fairies, here are your wands.”
And with that she gave the fairies back their wands.

                                          The End

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  3. Hi Sophie.
    I have read the Rainbow fairies.
    From Melanie xo xo