The Best Way to Start Your Morning


My heart pounds in my chest, my music blares in my ears, my feet thud on the ground as I dash through the bush.

I've missed this, I think to myself.

Last winter I gave up running because exercising outside in the cold was aggravating my asthma. Instead I took up working out to YouTube videos in my bedroom. But now that spring is here and it's warming up again, I'm getting back out onto the running track.

Mum gives me a thumbs up as she runs past going in the opposite direction from me. I grin in reply and continue on my way down the bush track.

My breath starts to come in pants, but I don't slow down. I imagine that I'm running at a world record speed (but in reality I'm probably running really slowly).

I pass Charlotte and Gemma-Rose who are chatting as they run along. I round a bend and can see the bench where we left our water bottles. I break into a sprint to get there faster.

I let myself have a small break as I gulp down water and adjust my music's volume before I head off down the bush tracks once more.

The bush is beautiful at seven-thirty in the morning. I wish I had my camera. The lighting is perfect. Instead, I admire the different plants I pass.

I'm starting to get tired. My legs feel heavy and I can't lift my feet as high as I could at the start of the run, but I keeping pushing through.

Just 1 km more and you've made to 5 km, I tell myself.

The meters pass painfully slowly and then once more the bench comes into view. Everyone else is sitting there waiting for me. I pick up the speed as I approach them.

I collapse on the ground beside the bench, gasping for air.

"How far did you go?" Mum asks.

"5 km," I reply proudly.

"What's for breakfast?" Imogen asks.

"I could make eggy bread," I offer. My breath is coming back and I want to get home to eat.

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  1. I would love to run, but honestly I don't have the time because of dance :(
    Dance is my exercise and I LOVE IT!
    I like the video!


    1. What kind of dancing do you do? It sounds like dancing is a lot of fun.
      Thank you for watching my video!