Celebrating at My New Favourite Cafe


"What would you like to eat?" Mum asks Imogen and me.

I look down at the menu. We're sitting in the Lindt cafe celebrating the removal of my braces. Its all very posh and I have no idea what half the food on the menu is.

"Can I have a mocha?" Imogen asks.

Mum nods. She turns to me. "What would you like?"

"A hot chocolate, please!" I reply.

We look back down at the menu trying to decide on cakes. Imogen chooses a chocolate cake. Mum and I pick out a pecan chocolate slice.

A waiter comes to take our order before rushing off again.

I look around the cafe as we wait for our food. Everything is a rich chocolate brown colour, even the walls! Over by the counter is a stand filled with all the different Lindt ball flavours. Mum is planning on buying some Lindt balls for Charlotte and Gemma-Rose who didn't come with us.

The waiter returns and places our food in front of us. It all looks delicious.

My hot chocolate arrives in two parts. On my tray is a jug of milk and a smaller one of melted dark chocolate. I have to pour them into my mug myself. I’d never had such a rich hot chocolate before.

"Would you like a sip of my coffee?" Imogen asks.

We swap mugs to taste each other’s drinks.

Mum pulls out her camera. "Lean together so that I can get a photo of you both," she instructs.

We smile at the camera as Mum snaps a photo.

I'm soon convinced that the Lindt cafe is the best cafe in the world. Their cakes are scrumptious and the perfect size, not too big, not too small.

"Shall we pick out some Lindt balls to take home with us?" Mum suggests as we finish our food.

Imogen and I walk around and around the stand of Lindt balls looking at all the Lindt balls. There are the exclusive flavours that are only sold in the café as well as all the ones that can be found in the shops. There are almost too many flavours to pick from.

"We should get the whiskey Lindt ball for Dad," Imogen tells me.

"And the champagne one for Mum," I add.

"You need the mint one," Imogen says cheekily.

"You know I hate mint!" I reply laughing.

Finally we've picked out the best flavours to take home with us and Mum buys them.

"Thank you so much!" I say to Mum as we leave the cafe. I've had an amazing celebration. I shall always remember the day I had my braces taken off.

Do you like Lindt balls? What is your favourite flavour? Have you ever been to a Lindt cafe?

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