Three Tips for Amazing B&W Photos


I love black and white photos. There is something so magical about a photo with no colour. But sadly, black and white photos are hard to perfect.

Today I thought I'd share my top tips on how to make your black and white photos look awesome!

Take them in colour

I used to take black and white photos in camera. It saved on editing time and it was simpler just to let the camera do it all. What a mistake I was making. The photos looked alright, but they weren't amazing.

Turning coloured photos black and white while editing gives you much more control over how your black and white turns out.

Bump up the contrast

After turning your photo into a black and white try boosting the contrast. This will make your photo look cleaner and less gray. It also brightens the whites and deepens the blacks.

Some photos will look better than others

For example, Imogen will look better in black and white photos than Gemma-Rose. Imogen's brown hair stands out and adds more contrast whereas Gemma-Rose's blonde hair is lost. The more contrast in the original photo the better it will look in black and white.

If you'd like to find out my favourite ways of turning a photo black and white in Photoshop, please watch my latest video!

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  1. Another thing I like to do with black and white photos is add a bit of vignetting around the edges, it can help the subject pop a little more.

    1. I haven't tried this before! I'm going to go play around with vignetting now. Thank you so much for the advice.