Nora's Trip to the Dog Park


"Does anyone one want to take Nora to the dog park?" Dad asks.

My ears prick up. Our dog, Nora, has never been to a dog park before. This should be fun. "I do!" I call, running to get my shoes.

Dad, Mum, Gemma-Rose, Nora and I climb into our car. Nora loves being in the car. She sits up tall and looks out the window the whole trip.

When we arrive at the dog park, Nora gets excited. She can see lots of other dogs playing in a fenced-off area and wants to go join them. I have a hard time holding her back.

Even though the park allows dogs to go without leashes, we decide to leave Nora on hers. She's not used to other dogs.

Dad opens the gate into the fenced area and Nora dashes inside. I hold on tight to her lead as a dog approaches us.

The dog and Nora sniff each other. When Nora walks off, the dog follows her. He's very cute.

After a while, Dad suggests we let Nora off her leash. I slowly unclip. I slowly unclip it.

Nora looks surprised at her freedom. She runs off to the dogs. I walk along behind her to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble.

A tiny dog comes up to Nora. They start to bounce around and play. The little dog, Poppy, barks in excitement. Nora starts to bark as well.

"What a massive bark your dog has," A lady exclaims. No one seems to mind the noise though.

I let Nora play for a while. She is having a great time. She doesn't like it when I put her back onto the leash to go home.

"Do you think she enjoyed herself?" Mum asks when we're back in the car.

"Oh yes!" I cry. Beside me, Nora grins.

Do you have a dog? Have you ever taken it to a dog park?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I took it a while ago and when writing this post suddenly remembered it.

  2. We haven't ever taken Gus to a dog park before, he'd probably be too scared of the other dogs :P
    I love your new design!
    BETH xx

  3. Sophie, love your new design! We have taken Gus once to the park. He is so small and cute! He follows me around a lot and sleeps in my bed.
    I love the photo of Nora. she seems like a nice dog :)

  4. It's very impressive that Nora was so well behaved! Our little dog (very little!) has been around other dogs a lot but he often barks and snarls at them, which is a bit frustrating. We do have a dog park nearby, I don't know whether it's a good idea to take him there or not!
    Did you take the photo of Nora? It's absolutely beautiful!