4 Tips to Defeat Blogger's Block


Some days I just can't come up with ideas for blog posts. Nothing sparks my interest. Have you ever felt like that? Today I thought I'd share a few things that might help you get over this bump.

Take Some Time Off
You spend a lot of time on your blog, writing posts, replying to comments, improving this and that. Maybe it's time to take a break.

Step away from your blog and concentrate on something else. While you're not blogging, your brain will recharge and soon ideas will start coming to you again.

Read Other Blogs
There are millions of other blogs out there. Try and find some new ones. Read what other people are writing about. This may give you some ideas for your own blog posts.

Other bloggers are writing great posts, but a lot of the time I'm too busy with my own blog to go and find these posts and read and comment. But when I do read other blogs I find my head filling up with more plan for my own blog.

Keep a Notebook
I have a notebook in which I write down all the blog post ideas I have. I like to keep this notebook on hand so that when I have no idea what to write about, I can just flip through my notebook and pick a post idea I've already thought of.

 Write Something Else
I love writing, but I only seem to be able to do one kind at a time. When I'm busy blogging my novels always get pushed to the background.

So when I can't work on my blog, I like to give my attention to my other writing projects instead.

What are your tips? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. Notepads, are so useful, I like writing down all the mad ideas for blog posts I get and then often end up doing them.

    1. I find that I have a lot of blog post ideas, but unless I write them down I normally forget them. So I started keeping a notebook and it really helps.