Two Sisters and a Camera


A long time ago, I went on a photo shoot with my sister, Charlotte. But for some reason, I never shared the photos. 

Today, I decided to remedy that and post them.

At the start of the shoot, both Charlotte and I were a litttle nervous. I'd never done a photo shoot with Charlotte before.

After a while, we started to relax. We joked and giggled as I snapped away. I found myself having a lot of fun.

Charlotte didn't seem to mind any of the weird places I got her to pose. She just laughed and said, "I must suffer for your art!"

 By the time we set off for home, my card was almost full and we were both hungry. "Let's go see if anyone has made any afternoon tea," I suggested.

Which is your favourite photo? Do you like photography? Who is your model?

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  1. Aw, this was a great post! :) Gorgeous photos!

    1. Thank you so much! We had a lot to fun taking the photos.

  2. The third photo is my favourite, I have a thing with people looking up at the photographer. And no I don't *like* photography I have an amazing passion about it! oh no don't get me started....

    1. That's my favourite pose. It never fails to make a beautiful photo.

  3. The second one has the most beautiful tones and background. Charlotte's scarf was the perfect choice for the setting, the colour is complimentary and earthy. Well done!
    And yes, I have several willing models :)