The Lib Lob Library


Yesterday, I finished reading Little Women.

"Imogen, what's the next book in the series?" I asked, eager to continue the amazing story.

"Good Wives," Imogen replied, pulling the book off the shelf and passing it to me.

"Thank you!" I cried and rushed off to begin it. I opened the front cover and I got a shock. Sticky taped inside was a piece of paper saying: The Skeleton Sisters Lib Lob Library.

"Mum, was this your book when you were a child?" I asked. Skeleton used to be Mum's surname before she married Dad.

Mum nodded. "When we were children, my sisters and I liked to pretend we had a library," she told me.

I looked back down at the book. It suddenly seemed really special. I can imagine Mum and her sisters playing library. It sounds like the sort of game my sisters and I would play ourselves.

As I started reading Good Wives, I thought about Mum when she was a young girl, reading the exact same book. I smiled. I had a feeling I was really going to enjoy this book.

Do you have any old books? Have you read Little Women or Good Wives? What did you think?

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  1. I haven't read Little Women, but I really want to! :D I have read Little Men, I LOVE that one! :D

    1. You should read it! I really enjoy it. I can't wait to work my way up to Little Men. I'm glad to know it's good.