How to Find Free Images and Properly Attribute Them


Recently, I've had heaps of ideas for screen cast tutorials. Today I decided to use one of them to make a screen cast tutorial.

Have you ever written a post and then not had an image to go with it? This happens to me all the time. But I don’t have this problem any more.

A little while ago, Mum showed me where to find free images and properly attribute them.

So for today's video, I decided to show other people how to do this as well!

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  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I recently read an article about a blogger who was sued for using a picture that didn't belong to her. She wrote a post about it and how she got free photos from this website. She didn't explain at all how to use it... and I didn't understand the website at all! So thank you for making this post, it answered my question without me even having to ask!
    Mae :)