Book of the Week: The Book of Lies by James Moloney


Title: The Book of Lies

Author: James Moloney

Stars: Four out of five

Genre: Fantasy

Blurb: The newest boy at Mrs. Timmins's Home for Orphans and Foundlings awakes at first light with no name and no memory. But a strange girl who hides among the shadows of the orphanage tells him that a mysterious wizard's creation, the Book of Lies, holds the answers, and then gives him one clue: "Your name is Marcel."
With that knowledge, and the help of three new friends, Marcel begins a quest to find the truth about his real identity--a truth that is hidden in the Book of Lies. As Marcel learns more about his past, he realizes that truth can change at any moment and can be manipulated by anyone, and he begins to wonder if the old book's so-called magical truth might be the greatest lie of all.

Favourite Quote: “My fate is my own; my heart remains free. Not magic but wisdom reveals destiny.” -Book of Lies

Thoughts: This is a very exciting and confusing book. It kept me guessing at what would happen next. I've never been quite so confused by a story before, but that just made it all the more enjoyable.

I'm now off to go read the third book in this series (our library didn't have the second). I can't wait to see what happens next!

Have you read The Book of Lies? What did you think of it? What are you reading at the moment?

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