Give Me a Word...Angel


Mum and I have a game we enjoy playing. In our game, we each give each other a word. We then have to think of interesting things we could talk about to do with that word.
"Your word is chocolate," I tell Mum.
"I would talk about how we prefer 70 or eighty five percent chocolate," Mum says.
"I would mention how I used to always ask for a white chocolate cake for my birthday," I add. Soon we have a huge list of things to do with the word chocolate. Suddenly I have an idea.
"I could make a video series where I play this game," I tell Mum. She thinks it's a brilliant idea and soon I'm planning my video.But what word will I use? I know. Angel!
I sit down in front of the camera and start speaking. I have thought up a lot interesting things to do with angels. 
Would you like to hear what I said? Please watch my video...Give Me a Word...Angel...

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