Photography With My Twin


I have an almost  twin. We were born only eleven days apart... plus a few years, of course!  My twin is Mum!

We are so alike.We have lots of interests in common, and we are always inspiring each other. One of our shared hobbies is photography.

Mum is always helping me take better photos and attempting photography challenges with me. She is even going to teach me how to use a DSLR camera when I have finished saving up for one of my own.

The other day, Mum and I walked down the road to the park to take some photos.

We found heaps of lovely flowers...

We also spotted lots of cool leaves with interesting shapes...

I saw some rocks and took a photo of them too...

When we had finished taking photos of nature, we decided to have a bit of fun and take pictures of ourselves...

Mum took this. Isn't it a good photo?

This is me taken by me!

This is me taken by Mum!

We had such a lot of fun at the park. I love doing things with my twin!

Do you have a twin?

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  1. I met a girl at Church a few years ago who looked almost identical to me. We even had the same hair cut!

  2. My great-grandmother had the same birthday as me, but she was eighty-six years older!

  3. It's so lovely to have a Mum who is also your friend (or your twin!) I don't think I have a twin but I do have a lot in common with each member of my family even though we're all different. My son and I share a strong interest in photography too (I think he is the same age as you - 14?) except he has nearly taken over my DSLR! I'm sure he will one day have one of his own as well. Enjoy your photo explorations, so much fun and so much to learn.