The Problems of Being a Vlogger


I am sitting in the living room, filming my latest video. I'm almost done and I haven't made any huge mistakes yet (which is strange for me).
Suddenly there is the sound of a door opening close by. It’s my brother Callum coming into the house from the garage. I try to keep talking and hope the distraction won’t be noticeable on my video, but then Callum walks right past me to go get something from the other end of the house. I stop talking and wait for him to get what he wants and go back into the garage.
I sit here for a while waiting. Callum has stopped to talk to someone. Finally, he returns and goes back through the garage door. Back to my video!
But just as I am about to speak, I hear my other brother Duncan. He is heading towards the front door. I sigh and wait for him to go out. I sit here and sit here and sit here. Duncan is taking his time. I can't finish filming until he's gone otherwise he will make a huge noise in my video.
I sit here some more. Then I get up. I have had enough. I walk over to the camera and turn it off. I will finish my video when there is no one here.
Would you like to see just what happened? I got it all on film! 

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  1. Haha - poor you! I know just how it feels, as I have 5 younger siblings, who are ALWAYS being noisy. It makes it really hard for video making.

  2. Hello Sophie :) I tagged you for the movie tag, I hope you don't mind :)

  3. Hi Sophie! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    I hope you can join in.

  4. haha I love this video I dont have my own youtube channel but I can see how these could annoy you