The Piece of Clothing I Hate Wearing the Most


Last spring, there were bush fires burning close to our house. We were all worried. If the fires weren’t brought under control, our house might burn to the ground.
"Get your things ready in case we have to evacuate," Mum told us, looking worried.
I grabbed a bag and started to pack some clothes and my electronics. I put the bag by the front door where I could easily grab it if we had to leave in a hurry.
Mum and Imogen were on their computers, keeping an eye on the fire updates. If we were told to evacuate, they would know at once.
At about midday we got advised that we should consider leaving our home. The fire was getting closer.
"Grab your things," Mum yelled.
As fast as we could, we tossed everything into the van and shut the cats into their cat carriers. Before we knew it, we were off.The road out of our village was smoky. It was a great relief when the air started to get cleaner. Mum drove us to the lake in townand we climbed out of the van and sat down with the cats.
We waited at the park for ages. Finally Mum had had enough. "Let's go home. We can't stay here any longer. It's getting late," she said.
We piled back into the van and drove off back to our house. As we got closer, the air got smokier again. It was hard to breath. It was worse than before we had left.
When we pulled into our driveway, we saw that Dad was home. He and Callum had been filling the gutters with water.
The next day was hot and smoky. We waited around, listening to the radio so we could hear all the bushfire news. When Dad got home from work, we hosed down the plants and house and refilled the gutters. We did everything we could to improve our chances against a fire. Fire trucks kept going past our house. By the time I went to bed, I had a huge headache.
Days and days passed. The fire got bigger and bigger. It a was a long time before the fire fighters managed to contain the fire. But our problems weren’t over. There was a very strong wind blowing. It was blowing embers over the containment line. We were told we should be prepared to put out any burning embers that landed near our home.
Mum got all our fire fighting gear ready. There was only one problem. I had no suitable fire fighting clothes. . 
Mum raced down to the shops with me. She soon found me something suitable to wear. We came home with my least favourite kind of clothes. Can you guess what sort of clothes Mum bought?
We never had to fight those embers and we never got evacuated. Luckily for us, the fire fighters got the fires under control before that happened. And I never had to wear my least favourite kind of clothes.
If you want to know what clothes I hate wearing, please watch my latest video!

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  1. That's funny - jeans are my favourite thing to wear!

  2. I quite like jeans as well, but to be fair, I'm pretty tall and most of my jeans are hand-me-downs from my friends, so they aren't stuff once I get them. I can't stand wearing flip-flops. They fall off too often.

    1. I don't like flip-flops either. They're my least favourite shoes to wear!

  3. I'm with you all the way Sophie - no jeans for me!

  4. I love jeans! When you first buy jeans they are almost always stiff and tight. But the more you wear them, the softer they become and soon they are very comfy.
    But at the same time I love tracksuits and skirts!


  5. Hi Sophie! It's your cousin, Melanie. I love jeans and skirts. I wear skirts in summer and jeans in winter.
    I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog. Follow this link to get to it: