A Country Mouse's Trip to Sydney


credit: Mum

"Sophie, wake up!" Mum whispers in my ear.

"I'm awake," I groan, rolling over.

"Don't fall back to sleep," Mum warns me as she exits my room.

Slowly I push my blankets off myself and sit up. I look down at my watch. It's only half past five.

Today Mum, Imogen and I are going up to Sydney so I can get my braces off. My appointment is early and we have a long train ride to get there.

I quickly get dressed, eat breakfast and find everything I will need for the day. In a very little amount of time, we're climbing into the car and Imogen is driving us to the train station.

We arrive a bit early. Imogen wrestles with the ticket machine before we sit down on a bench to wait for the train to arrive.

Mum pulls out her camera and takes some photos of Imogen and me to pass the time.

Soon our train pulls alongside the platform. We climb on board and look around for some seats. Most have already been taken.

I find a seat next to a sleeping man. He keeps rolling over in his sleep. I find myself on the edge of my seat to make sure he doesn't lean on me.

I glance over at Imogen. She looks half asleep. I'm too excited to be sleepy. Very soon I won't have any braces.

The first half of the trip up to Sydney passes quickly. Soon we're leaving the train and rushing across the station to the platform where our next train is waiting for us.

This time there are plenty of seats. Mum, Imogen and I can sit next to each other.

I pull my Kindle out of my bag and start to read a novel.

Before I know it, we've arrived in Sydney.

"We've got a little bit of time before your appointment," Mum says. "Shall we get something to drink?"

We find ourselves a McDonalds and order two coffees and a milkshake. We settle down with our drinks and are soon chatting.

Time speeds by and I find myself standing up again and leaving McDonalds. It's time for my orthodontist appointment. It's time to get my braces taken off!

To be continued in another blog post...

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  1. Cool, must be great to get those braces off, how many hours did it take you to get there?

  2. By they way do you like riddles? If so I have tagged you to answer a few riddles.


    1. It took around two to two and a half hours to get to Sydney. It's a long trip, but it was worth it! I'm enjoying not having braces anymore.

    2. Cool I live about three hours west of Sydney!

  3. How exciting! I bet you're enjoying life without braces :)

    1. I certainly am. I love being able to eat all the hard foods, like almonds, that I wasn't able to with braces.