Sophie's Show and Tell-Episode Three


It has been some time since I last made a video. I want to make another one, but I have no idea what to make it about. I think about it. I have made one on books, so that's out, and I can't have another mixed box because I did that last time.

"Aha!" I cry. I have an idea. "I will make a movie about favourite movies." I hurry over to the bookcase to find some of my favourite DVDs. "Oh no!" I wail. "I have too many favourite movies. I can't pick just a few."

Mum comes to the rescue with one of her amazing ideas. "Why don't you only do a few this video and some more in another video."

I smile again. It is a wonderful idea.

Next day I stand in front of the camera. Everything is going to go perfectly, I am certain.

Mum is out so Gemma-Rose is doing the filming. It is her first try at using the video camera. Gemma-Rose presses the start button, and I start talking. Suddenly I can't remember what to say.

"Cut!" I tell Gemma-Rose.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing. It will be fine this go," I reply. But it isn't or the next try either. I feel like giving up.

"Why don't we just do a bit at a time?" I ask. I hope it will be easier that way. I am right. Very soon we have enough film to make a video. I rush over to my computer. It's time for the easy bit: the editing.

It doesn't take long to put everything together and very soon it is ready to go on YouTube.

I smile. Next time things will go better!

If you'd like to see my video, please visit our Mother, Daughters, Sisters blog:

Show and Tell, Episode 3: Favourite Movies

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