Secret Garden Embroidery


The door bell rang. Mum rushed to open the front door.

A moment later she closed the door again, and she called, "Girls, come see my parcel!" We all dashed over as fast we could. We all wanted to see what the postman had delivered.

Mum tore the parcel open, almost as eager to see what was in it as we were. She held up a colouring-in book called The Secret Garden. Opening it she flicked through the intricate leaf and flower drawings.

"Those look amazing!" I gasped.

"I am thinking of enlarging some of the pictures and embroidering them onto calico," Mum told us.

"They are so detailed, it would take forever," Gemma-Rose commented.

"It would be a wonderful project to do while you are reading to us," I said. "Could I do some embroidery with you, please?" I begged.

"Of course," Mum agreed. "We will do it together."

A few years ago I did a few embroideries, but I gave them away. I sewed a fat cat with red thread on calico. I also sewed some flowers. I wasn't very good at embroidery, but I had heaps of fun while I was doing it.

I can't wait to get to work on some new embroideries. I bet Dad would be more than happy to enlarge the pictures we want on the printers at work.

"I bet the hardest bit of embroidery is transferring the picture to the fabric," I said, remembering all the problems I had had last time.

"I didn't draw mine on. Charlotte did it for me," Gemma-Rose told us.

Maybe Gemma-Rose would like to do some embroidery with us. She is better at sewing then me. I sure we could find another embroidery hoop for her.

"You can use my light-box," offered Mum.

Perhaps you'd like to do some embroidery too.

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