Fun with Maths


Mum was on the internet, "Look what I found," said Mum and we all came running.

It was a math's site named Manga high. There were lots of maths games but Mum knew just which one she wanted to play. It was an Algebra game called Algebra Melt Down. To play the game you had to place the right atoms to make the right answers to give to the the right scientist. We all like it very much. So Mum went and made us an account.

There were a lot of games and we spent ages just finding a game to play. Some are a bit too hard for me to play but most of them I can play.

Manga high is not like all the other maths sites I have ever played. I have not lost interest in it and I don't think that I will. There are so many maths games and so little time to play them in.

The second day when I signed in there was a new maths game. It was a game about angles.

I soon found out that there were more than games on the site. There were also prodigi. Prodigi are maths quizzes where we can practise our maths skills.

I love maths now.

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  1. Thanks Magdalen. It's a lot of fun.Even though I am on holiday I am still doing my maths.